The Major Problem with Wheel Spacers!

Lack of knowledge - that is the main problem with wheel spacers!

This all started years ago - as a large car enthusiast, I noticed a disgust, a hatred towards wheel spacers and I never understood why. It was not until I started seeing marketplace ads popping up regarding used wheel spacers that I understood the issue.

  1. One multiple occasions, I noticed people selling spacers, without any idea the hub bore or thread pitch. I have heard countless stories about people installing THE WRONG size of hub bore, causing bad vibrations - which could cause further damage down the road.
  2. I heard, and saw firsthand people installing the wrong thread type of hardware, i.e. Installing 12x1.25 acorn nuts onto a vehicle with 12x1.5 studs. This causes cross threading, and ultimately requires the replacement of all studs touched in this process.
  3. People do not understand what the repercussions of running incorrectly sized spacers can cause, and blame the spacer as a scapegoat.

I have ran spacers on nearly all of my cars over the years, and have never experienced a single issue. I have been selling *Vehicle Specific - Hub Centric Wheel Spacers* for over 2 years now, and my customers have all had great success without any issues with vibrations or situations where the spacers can be blamed. A high quality spacer, vehicle hub specific that is properly installed should give 0 issues.

I am always available by phone and email to answer questions and ensure the proper spacers are chosen for your vehicles fitment. Spacers get a bad rep - but they don't have to!


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